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Are you around? How was your weekend?

Re: newmommymay08

  • did some shopping, went to chruch and my parents house. You went on a date! Awesome did you guys take Zoey?
  • That is cool. Are you going to start having her sleep in the crib? What kind of deals did you get on Black Friday?
  • wow you did really good! Are you done now?
  • I still have a lot to do. Some of my gifts though are things I can't get in the store. I am doing a shutterfly calendar for my mom & dad of the grandkids. I am waiting on my sister to send me pics, so that is holding me up. I am getting my dad a subscription to netflix. I have a frame that I am waiting for pics from my sister in law. I am going to put pics of the grandkids for Jason's parents in a family frame. My sister is done, Lola is done, our neices are done. I am not sure what to do for Jason. What are you getting Scott?
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