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Tis the season for the Chia pet/tree/head/herb garden commercials.  Can't wait to see the "clap on!  clap off!" at some point!
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  • My cousins host foreign exchange student got a Clap On!  It was super fun to play with but you have to time your claps really well for it to work.

    And my husbands friends, for his bachelor party, got him a Chia PENIS.  And, a baby beanie named Randy Raccoon.  Randy's penis was literally the size of the rest of his body and he had a lot of pubic hair.

    The funniest part is we gave Randy to my parents for a white elephant party.  It was mostly sex therapists and they LOVED those gifts!!!!!!  They fought over them actually.

  • I got my brother the Chia Ram one year as a joke. It did not grow.
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  • LOL - chia penis and randy! 

    When I was a kid I got the chia tree.  It grew but only the one time.  Then I just had a clay tree with grooves and a hole in the top.  Lame-o.

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  • Awww, that just reminded me!  MH gave me a chia pet for the first Christmas that we were dating.  Granted, we had only met a week or two prior to I thought it was pretty cool that he showed up at my place bearing gifts....even if it was just a chia pet!  Sweet!
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