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IVF with an egg donor

Anyone here who went through this?  We're meeting with a new RE on Thursday & this is the route we're now taking since all 7 of our embryos from our IVF cycle had abnormal chromosomes & they are attributing it to my AMA & old eggs.  I'm pretty nervous as this is the last chance we have at this whole TTC journey.  After the money spent out of pocket & the loans we have outstanding, adoption will not even be an option.

We're discussing as to whether we want to spend the extra money & use a donor who has donated before & successful pregnancies have resulted.  It really makes sense rather than taking a chance with someone who has never donated before.  I just want a lot of eggs to better our chances & also have some embryos left over in case the first one doesn't work.  I'm so tired of having to face all of this disappointment.  It really doesn't seem fair most days.

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Re: IVF with an egg donor

  • Wow, incredible! The secretary at my school has a daughter who does this-donates her eggs, I think it's wonderful! I don't know much about it but I wanted to say that I am thinking of you and will keep you and your family in my prayers! It sounds like you have been on a really rough journey, and I only hope it gets easier for you.


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  • I haven't, and I can't imagine what an emotional roller coaster it must be for you. I know that pinkwedding05 over on SAL went the donor egg route. I don't remember her full story of why, but I know she had some failed IVF's prior to making that decision. You may want to page her over there and see if she can help you through the process. Oh, and she's on her way to a healthy pregnancy at 23 weeks right now! I hope you have the same success in your future!
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  • No, it doesn't seem fair. I haven't known anyone to do IVF with donor eggs, but know that my dr (we see a fertility dr) who does them all the time with fantastic results. I think it's a good idea and could be a way for you and DH to have your family. If it were me, I'd go with a donor with a strong track record, especially if this is your one shot. Maybe it's something your RE could give a little more insgiht to....

    I'm so sorry for all that you've gone through. Big hug to you and please keep us posted. xoxo

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