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I read in confession down below that you are working on a full pych eval for your masters, and I saw in your bio that you are a spec ed teacher.  I am too!   I work with grades 3-5, what about you?

What are you getting your masters in?  I really want to be a school psych, I'm going to start my masters in jan .... but school psych requires a full year internship, which would mean a year of no pay ... so the verdict is still out on what I will do!

I've been avoiding finishing an eval report all day that is for a ppt tomorrow!

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  • Hi Christa,

    I am a special education teacher for grades 7 & 8. I live in the town that I teach in, never going to do that again.  Most of my kids are LD/BD/a little ED.  Do you teach high incident disabilities like me or severe/profound?

    I am actually getting my Masters degree in Special Education because my bachelor's degree is in Psychology. I was lucky enough to teach in agreement that I would get a degree (LBS 1) ASAP.  So 2 years later I am graduating on Dec 13th with my degree! Woo hoo! I hate school psych, have to be honest! There are too many stats involved and I am constantly looking things up-annoying. I had to write a full case study and give the Woodcock-Johnson III (Achievement & Cognitive) test. I can't wait to finish writing this!

    If you do decide to go back to school good luck! It's been a rough 2 years for the DH and I, we were very used to spending a lot of time together before I went to school at night. 

    Are you getting burnt out from teaching?


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  • Butting into your post... I teach Special Education too, 9-12. I didn't realize there were any other SED's in the house. Wink
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