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Moms of 9-10 month olds - come in please!

I know this just got asked like a month ago but these kids change so quick!  Can y'all please tell me what your DC's typical eating schedule is?  I need some help figuring out what to do with DD's schedule.  Our current schedule isn't working anymore and I know every kid is different but I just wanted some ideas based on other babies her age.  TIA!

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Re: Moms of 9-10 month olds - come in please!

  • Hey! ?I think we already talked about this, so you may not need an answer from me, but I'm procrastinating washing bottles, so I'll answer anyways :)

    6:00am 7oz

    8ish - b-fast (fruit and some kind of grain - toast, waffle, etc. Sometimes scrambled egg yolk)

    9:30 or 10:00 - 7oz

    12ish - lunch (protein, vegi, and grain)

    1:30 or 2:00 - 7oz

    4ish - snack (usually fruit and mum-mum or puffs, etc)

    5:00 or 5:30 - 7oz

    6:30 - dinner (usually some version of what we are eating)

    7:30 - bedtime bottle (lately has also been 7oz)

    As you can probably tell, she is drinking too much (usually 35oz a day!). We just don't know how to cut back. Ever since the time change, so has been getting up before 6am (used to be 7am). We try and put off feeding her until 6 at the earliest by giving her some water in a bottle, but she knows what she wants and we usually give in at 6 on the dot. ?If we could just get that first bottle to 7, I think we could cut down to 4 bottles a day. ?Also, she is eating only finger foods (will NOT do purees anymore) and even though she is a good little eater, I just don't think she's eating as much as before (solids).?


  • I absolutely LOVE your new siggie pic!

    Reagan's current schedule:

    7:00 - breakfast (1 jar of baby food and some finger foods like puffs, cheese, diced ham for her to "eat").  Most of the finger food ends up on the floor.

    8:30 - 6oz bottle

    12:00 - 6oz bottle

    1:00 - lunch (same as breakfast)

    3:00 - 6oz bottle

    4:30 - dinner (same as breakfast)

    6:30 - 8oz bedtime bottle

    Sometimes she refuses or drinks less of one of her daytime bottles, it's hit or miss lately.  HTH!

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  • I love the santa siggy pic too!  I can't wait to get one of Megan but I just know she's going to scream once I hand her to Santa... 

    Megan's current schedule is:

    6am - Nurse

    8:30am - Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon and some cheerios, followed by nursing

    somewhere btw 11-12 - Nurse

    12:30/1 - Lunch (combo of puree and finger foods), followed by nursing

    somewhere btw 3-4 - Nurse

    6:15 - Dinner (finger foods + puree)

    7 - Nurse


  • As I am feeding DD lunch, I realized that I didn't expand much on the finger foods that we have been experimenting with and are a huge success.  I found ham cut already cut into cubes in the deli section, she loves it!  We gave her ham for Thanksgiving and she enjoyed it so much that I added it to her list of foods.  I also do cheese slices and she likes bread, easy to dissolve since she has no teeth!

  • Thank you SO MUCH ladies!  I have been so confused/clueless with DD's eating lately.  She is just such a finicky eater (has been since early on...hence our BFing issues).  So I needed a little help in the feeding department and y'all helped tremendously!  :)
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