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Anyone around? Wanna check out my chart?

So I'm trying to figure out if I've o'ed or not. I haven't been great about checking cm lately. I was out of town and I found I got obsessed with it last time around. So I took a break. But, I've been taking my temps. I personally feel like there's a good chance I o'ed on cd 17. I know only time will tell.

And I'm not sure if my current temps are high enough to count as a high temp. my only problem is with my one really high temp on cd15. It looks like I had geared up to o and didn't. But then I wonder what affect that has on my coverline. Any thoughts? I should add that last night I only had 4 hours of sleep total so I'm not sure how much faith I put in this morning's temp.


Re: Anyone around? Wanna check out my chart?

  • I think we need to see a few more days of temps before you can tell if you O'd.  How did your last cycle chart look- any trends?
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  • Did you take any OPKs? Any EWCM on CD 17?

    I guess you'll know in a few days. Waiting sucks.

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  • Last cycle got all screwed up because I was traveling, getting very little sleep, waking at odd hours, and lost a job (all fun stressful stuff). So my temps were a bit wacky. However, my temperature did have a dip at cd18 to 96.8. Unfortunately, last cycle I stopped taking my temps because they just got all effed up and I knew we had no chance of being pg because I was out of town during my fertile period. I also did have one high temp like I did on cd15 and then the temp drop to 96.8. So now that I see that this month too, I think that is probably a likely pattern.

    The cycle before that I only temped the 2nd half of the cycle because I started ttc mid-cycle. At that time, from cd18-28 I had temps from 97.6 and up. So I need to temp this full cycle in order to put the pieces together.

    On cd 17, I may have had ewcm. It was hard for me to not rule it out as sperm, though. It was stretchy so I think it probably was ew, but I didn't mark it because I can't be entirely sure.

    We'll see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the comments.

  • I do not see a clear thermal shift :(

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