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Easy veggies?

What veggies will your DC eat?  We have tried sweet potatoes, peas and green beans.  The sweet potatoes she loves.  The peas she will tolerate about 2 bites.  The green beans made her boycott solids for 3 days.  I am going to try carrots and squash but I'm a little concerned at her lack of love for the more nutritious veggies.
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Re: Easy veggies?

  • DS eats everything. He really loves carrots and green beans.

     I would just keep trying with the other veggies. It takes many tries to see if they really dislike a food. GL!

  • DD prefers home made vs store stuff and she tends to like just about everything.  Just keep trying.
  • Have not tried it but I have read a lot online when researching making your own baby food.... you might consider trying avocados.
  • my dd eats whatever we put in her mouth.  We started with Green Beans, then Peas, then Squash, then Sweet potatoes.  I'm going to carrots next... I can't stand carrots unless i'm in a mood for them (which is rare) but hopefully she'll like thos as well!  I can't wait to start fruits!
  • If she loves sweet potatoes, you might want to try pumpkin.  I haven't seen it in the stores but wholesomebabyfood.com has VERY easy directions for making it.  DD loves carrots even though I can't stand them.  So maybe!
  • avocado! dd really liked it. i also mixed it with banana (after having intro'd banana seperately). very, very easy to make yourself. no cooking involved, just mash it with a fork.
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