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Feeding issues for 10.5 mo old/How many bottles for 10/11 month old?

DS is still on 4 bottles, but for the past few weeks, we've had a very hard time feeding him solids (particularly veggies and meat). I tried cutting a bottle out, but it didn't make a difference, so I went back to 4 bottles because I was worried about him not getting enough.

It is next to impossible getting some veggies and meat into him. I tried everything, jarred, home made, steamed veggies as finger foods, but it makes no difference. All DS wants to eat is bread, yogurt and cheese. He'll tolerate fruit, but it's not his favorite.

This is what he is currenty eating:

6:30am Bottle

8am Breakfast (pancakes with fruit or cereal with fruit)

11am Bottle (tried cutting this out, but he still didn't take much lunch)

12:30 Lunch (veggies with meat or veggies, bread, yogurt, fruit, etc whatever he eats)

3pm Bottle

6:30pm Dinner (see lunch)

8pm Bedtime bottle

Lately, as soon as he sees the spoon coming towards his mouth, he turns his head and starts crying without even trying the food. Once he realizes it's yogurt, he is ok and will eat it without a problem, but if it's meat/veggie combo or veggie, he'll only take a few spoonfuls (baby spoon). He'll eat yogurt, cheese and bread (whole wheat) without any issues but cannot get any veggies or meat in him. I am at a loss and don't know what I am doing wrong. If anyone has any tips, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Re: Feeding issues for 10.5 mo old/How many bottles for 10/11 month old?

  • Don't force it and definitely DON'T drop a bottle yet.  That is still where he needs to be getting the majority of his nutrients, not the solids.  Continue with the 4 bottles a day.  So let him have his cheese, yogurt and bread and try the other stuff, but don't force him.
  • My 12 month old is on 5 bottles a day, 4 on a good day if that makes you feel any better.  I just finally dropped him to 5oz at a time instead of the 3-8oz ones we were failing miserably at.  He also will not eat veggies or meat on their own.  He did like veggies in purees but he either spits a carrot out or takes 20min to actually get it down.  He likes rice and potato so I finally just started cutting up meat and veggies really small and hiding them in the starches.   DS also loves yogurt and we are finding if we start with yogurt he is more willing to take something offered afterwards.
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