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Stalk my Chart

What do you ladies think?


(PS:  I have Provera sitting in my medicine cabinet.  My temp went down the day I was going to start taking it so I decided what the hell lets see what happens.  So I waited a couple days and got CH.  I would rather get AF naturally if I'm not KU.)

Re: Stalk my Chart

  • I don't think you've O'd yet.  But I'd wait three or four more days... if you're temps are all still above the coverline then maybe you did O? 

     Good luck!

  • Like the PP I'm not really sure you O'd yet. I think the reason you got CH is because of your CM. The next few days will tell you more - hopefully then it will be more obvious that you O'd. 

    Good luck!

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  • I don't think you've O'd either. :(  My temps did the same thing last cycle just to screw with me, but then they all went back down to the same range, staying about the coverline, but in the same range they always are.  There was definitely no thermal shift, and I don't see a shift on your chart either.  I would probably go ahead and start Provera if I were you, just to end the cycle sooner.
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  • Me not O'ing and having long cycles is normal.  I feel like AF is going to come soon which is why I'm holding off on the Provera.  I do feel the same way I felt after I O'ed last cycle. 

     I really don't think I o'ed either.

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