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9 month old & adding real solids?

So DD's been eating the stage 2 fruits & veggie/meats.  We do breakfast and dinner.  I guess I need to add lunch in there.  Also, I need to start adding some real solid foods.  She's tried waffles and pieces of fruit.  I need some help with more suggestions.  What are you 9 mo. olds eating?  What's your meal schedule like?  Thanks a bunch! 
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Re: 9 month old & adding real solids?

  • DD eats nothing but table foods, breakfast she gets yobaby yogurt with some stg 1 fruit mixed in with some cheerios, toast, waffles, pancakes etc. We haven't started a full lunch yet but we do a snack for lunch, I normally give a mix of lil crunchies, yogurt melts, shredded cheese, ritz crackers, steamed diced apple, wagon wheels, twielback toast, teething biscuit, puffs etc. Dinner I do a meat, shredded chicken, ground beef, turkey meatballs, etc, 2 or 3 veggies, peas, steamed carrots, mashed potatoes, green beans, lima beans, asparagus, sweet potatoes, squash, and a side, pasta pieces, cheese, beans, rice etc

    Basically I feed her whatever I'm eating, I also add in a few seasonings on different things. ex: garlic salt on some pasta pieces, lemon pepper on green beans



  • My DD is 8 1/2 months old and is on 100% table food.  She gets three meals a day plus snacks and 4 bottles of formula a day.  She eats pretty much everything that I am eating as I don't make separate meals.  If we are eating a meal that she can't eat (fish for example as I am waiting until a year to do fish due to allergies in my family) I will make her a Gerber Grad Organic meal.  She eats cereal, toast, waffles, yogurt, cottage cheese, pasta, cheese, meats, fruits and veggies.  I just make sure things are cut up small and that they are soft enough.  And just an FYI - she has no teeth and eats great since you don't need teeth to eat.
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