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Do you read a bedtime story to your DC?

We don't. We read plenty of books during the day, and sometimes even before bath time, but by the time we finish bath and get DS dressed he is pretty tired and all he wants to do is have his bottle and go to bed. THere is absolutely no way he could sit through a story (without screaming that is).

I feel like we are missing out, but right now, he is just not ready for it. Is it horrible that I don't read him a bedtime story? Is it a must?

Re: Do you read a bedtime story to your DC?

  • we read during the day
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  • Two solutions that work for us:

    1.  We start our bedtime routine a few minutes earlier so that we can fit in a story or two.


    2.  If DS doesn't look like he's in the mood, DH will read to him while I feed him his bottle.

  • i dont think hes missing out.  sometimes we do it and sometimes we dont.  it sepends on how ben takes it.  today i got through 3!  i d say wait till he can sit through it.  you ll both get more out of it then!
  • Since you're reading during the day, I don't think it matters.  We read bedtime stories to DD because it seems to help her relax.  She gets to cuddle with us for a little while, listen to the sound of our voices and look at colorful pictures.  If your baby wants to go right to bed, there's nothing wrong with it.
  • Of course it is not horrible. You can establish it into his routine when he is a little older. I read 3 books w dd before bed but that is our only quiet alone time for reading without her big brother (=
  • I used to, but now all reading is during the day.  I stopped very soon after DD started sitting up in the middle of each book and pointing to the bookshelf and saying "book!" I hate to discourage speech- but she did it over and over- end of bedtime story.  We'll try again later!
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  • i usually try to read and feed.... doesn't always work cuz the book is hard to hold. but having DH read while you feed is a great idea!
  • As long as you are reading to him everyday, that is what is important, not the time of day.  We do read at bedtime but its not always the last thing we do.  I think having an overall routine is what counts really.  We read while drinking milk/bottle and then we brush teeth.  We try and read one last story before bed but it doesn't always happen. 
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  • we don't. ?it is too stimulating for him. ?after dinner and a bath he BF and goes right to sleep.
  • yes..every night and sometimes during the day
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