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What diaper bag does your DH have?

My DH wants a diaper bag for when he's out alone with our DS.  I'm looking at Diaper Dudes but they seem pricey.  Which one do you recommend?  TIA!

Re: What diaper bag does your DH have?

  • We only have 1 diaper bag.  It's a black backpack that we got from BRU.
  • we have a grey messenger bag from BRU. Its by JJ Cole. We both use it.  I dont like the idea of 2 diaper bags cause then you have two bags you have to make sure are packed w essentials. 
  • My DH uses the Brown and Black Eddie Baur Diaper Bag from BRU.  We call it the man bag. 

    We use my diaper bag when we go out together, but when he goes out alone with DS he takes his bag. 

  • We have a Diaper Dude.  It's really nice...he never used it.
  • we both use the same one. ?it is a black columbia bag from BRU $35. ?DH picked it out.
  • We use the same one.  It's an Eddie Bauer messenger bag.
  • He has a Diaper Dude but will carry any of the ones we have.
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  • Disney tote. He's not picky.

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