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What are/did you get dh for Christmas?

I was browsing the nest's gift guide and saw a box set for Monty Python and purchased it. I am still at a loss for what else I should get my DH. He's difficult to shop for as he buys what he wants when he wants it. How do you get your ideas?
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Re: What are/did you get dh for Christmas?

  • I am terrible at buying gifts.  I got DH two sweaters from LL Bean, a set of hot sauces (he loves hot sauce), Season 3 of the Family Guy on DVD.  I still need something else small for him.
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  • I'm going to steal your hot sauce idea, love it.
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  • Hi!  I won't be much help - Dh and I both decided that we wanted iPhones, so for Xmas, those are our gifts to each other, and then we'll do stockings with small little surprises.
  • we bought a flat screen on friday. merry christmas, happy new year, happy valentines day all in one haha. we'll do something small for each other so we have something to open on Christmas day.
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  • I have not picked anything up yet but one thing I plan is to get him a jersey.  He loves sports and we came across a website this   You can get baseball. basketball. football, hockey///etc jerseys  STITCHED with the MLB/NHL/NBA etc authentic logo on them, and of course with the name & # of your dh's fav player too!  very nice  and only $25-$35 a jersey and shipping is NIL....really great gift for DH or any sports lover....and they are just like the really really expensive ones you can get anywhere else!  check it out!

  • Dh wanted an external harddrive so I got him that dirt cheap on black friday, a ballroom instruction dvd. I may get him family guy season 6. But I'm stuck on the rest of it...
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  • We bought ourselves a Wii for Christmas and also just purchased a sweeeet new computer so there wasn't a lot of surprise since we were both in on it. Stick out tongue

    However, DH's b-day is tomorrow and for that I got him a subscription to Netflix. We're both movie junkies so he really loved it!

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  • I am getting him a Favre Jets jersey...We promised to try and keep Christams gifts small this year b/c we just got back from vaca and are still trying to pay everything off..
  • I let DH get some power tools and a new TV. I plan on wrapping both of them for Christmas for him.... I'm done with him for this year!!!
  • A GPS, and a couple of work shirts.  We promised to keep it low this year, so I think I'm pretty much done, but it doesn't look like too much, so I'll probably end up getting a ton of silly stuff.
  • Here's what's on my idea list, still not sure what I'll actually buy:

    Spring jacket
    Nintendo DS games (or other video games)
    Crosby hockey jersey
    Belt Sander
    Long sleeve tees

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