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Happy Heiney's

Looking for opinions and experiences with them. DH bought both Fuzzi Buns and Happy Heiney's for us to try with DD.

Re: Happy Heiney's

  • I'm not a huge fan.  DD has chunky thighs and they still leaked around the thighs - both the size S's and the OS.
  • Not our favs, but not our least favs either
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  • We have BG 3.0's, and Happy Heiney's and the Heiney's work the best for both poop and pee. DS is pretty chunky if that matters. The only bad thing is that the velcro sticks to everything in the wash.
  • We have them in small for DS, and we love them.  They wash easy, and I don't have any problems with the velcro in the wash.  They contain pee and poop quite nicely, and are easy to use.
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  • We have one OS and love it. Although the pp was right, our velcro gets stuck to everything too!
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  • We had quite a few smalls when DD was younger and I really liked them- the prints were so cute!  Now we just have 2 mediums and I like them - I feel like I can put a lot of stuffing in them. 
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  • I have all BG 3.0's and a few HH one sizes.  Compared to my BG's, I don't like the HH.  The velcro sticks to everything, the inserts slide out the back, and they leak around the legs.  They work better with the BG inserts rather than the one they came from, but I use these only when all the BG's are dirty.
  • The velco drives me nuts.  The size small HH's were a nice trim diaper when we started her in them at 10 lbs but she quickly out grew them. I bumped her up to the size Medium and I like the fit.  She doesn't have such a huge butt with that on. I think we've had a bit more leaking with the HH's with the poop explosions but just around the leg. It gets on her onsies sometimes. I only use BGs at night now and use my HHs during the day only.

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