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Hi Ladies! For the past 5 years I have ran recreational classes/programs for local townships in my area, including a Mommy and Me class.   It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. So with the way the economy has been lately I have been thinking of running a small class ( 2 or 3 kids) like this out of my home.  What do you ladies think about this?  Would you go to a Mommy & Me class at someones home? Thanks!

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  • Would you charge? If so, no. Even if the economy wasn't in the toilet, I still wouldn't spend money on Mommy & Me classes. But I'm cheap like that.

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  • Yes I would. I would charge a small fee say $25 for 8 weeks, 1 day a week. I'm in the Philly suburbs and that's very cheap. I also have been looking online and can't seem to find any in the area. So that's why I thought it'd be a good idea.
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  • Right now, I pay $25 a month for 2 days a week class. If I liked what you were offering, I would probably sign up.
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  • I've never done Mommy & Me classes, but I would do it if it sounded good.  I'm not sure how you're really going to make any money if you are only charging $25 for an eight week class consisting of only two or three people.  That would be $75 for two months! 

    If I were going to teach it myself, I would try to get a larger class going and charge more (maybe a class of 8-10 for $75).  If you know what you're doing and are a good instructor, it would be worth it for people to attend. 

  • I would love to teach a larger class. I just don't have the room in my home for 8 to 10 people. And if I'd try and rent a place, it would cost me as much as I'm making.
  • I would because I would like the idea of a smaller group. Right now we pay $190 for 12 weeks of music class and there are 9 other kids w/ moms. It gets crazy!
  • I don't mind teaching bigger classes, but smaller ones are just much easier obviously.  The class I teach we learn and sing songs, dance, play games where they learn colors, shapes, numbers and parts of the body... although they don't know they're learning, and many other things! The parents loved it! They always said their kids would fall asleep as soon as they pulled out of the parking lot :).
  • Forgive my ? if it seems dumb...we live in a very rural area...

    What is a Mommy & Me class? Thanks!

  • Absolutely.  I would, however, expect the fee to be less given that it's in a private home.
  • A Mommy & Me class is a class that you take with your child.  Wether it be a music class, a yoga/ exercise class or a class like mine, where we play games and dance and sing and have fun. HTH!
  • If there were no other classes in my area I would definitely consider it (based on how the class went). 

     Currently, I'm only paying $40 for an eight week music class.

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