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Newborn CD covers

I am expected to have a 9-10 lb baby so I dont want to buy too many newborn/xs covers because I will not use them too long most likely.  However, I do want some to use the first few weeks/month or so.  If I have about 5 nb covers to use mainly with prefolds do you think it will get me by until we can fit into the smalls?  The xs thirsties say they go to 12lbs is this pretty acurate obviously depending on babies build/length?

Re: Newborn CD covers

  • I had an almost 9lb baby and never needed the xs covers.  Smalls worked great for us!  Thirsties run really big, IMO.
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  • I also think you could get by without any XS covers. ?Right now we're using a combo of XS and SM and our baby is somewhere around 12 lbs now.
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  • DD is 12 lbs and just in the past week moved into the Thirsties size S covers.  She can still fit in the XS as well (she has chunky thighs too)
  • We have 7 covers and I'm doing laundry almost once a day because we keep running out of covers.  Most of the covers I bought were "small" size and the ranges were around 6/7lbs to 13/15lbs.  I only bought one NB cover and if DD was 9-10lbs when she was born, she wouldn't have spent much time in it since in the first 10 days after she was home from the hospital she gained almost 2 lbs.  I'd say just look at the weight and buy covers that range 7-15 lbs that way you'll get more use out of them.  Have fun w/ the cd shopping, I never thought it would be so addicting!
  • I can STILL squeeze ds into an xs Thisties and he's at least 17 lbs!  He has lots more time in his smalls.  You will want at least a few few nb covers with the cutout for the umbilical cord.  i liked litewraps and they aren't very expensive.  hated prowraps.  gl!
  • XS Thirsties will definitely last you for awhile.  DS is about 10 lbs now and he has plenty of room in his.  As pp said I would get 2-3 actual NB size covers with the cord cut-out because the others will rub and irritate it.  I used both Litewraps and Prowraps and they both worked fine for us.  Now that I don't have to worry about that the Thirsties are my favorites.  I also like Bummie Super Wisper Wraps for over prefolds.  I have 7 covers right now and find that lasts me just fine - I rotate 2 until 1 gets stinky or poopy and then throw it in the wash and grab a new one.
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