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Darn you phantom symptoms...



I'm only 4 dpo but I'm getting those weird tugging/stretching kinds of cramps in my uterus. I know it's too early and I'm probably creating them out of nowhere, but dang, I hate what I can do to myself!

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Re: Darn you phantom symptoms...

  • I know! I noticed my bbs were sore this morning so I've been treating them like stress balls all day, you know "checking" that they still hurt, so now they're SUPER sore.
  • I hear ya. Since 5 or 6DPO I've had major stretching/pulling/tugging, and waves of hunger that feel like they're going to knock me over.
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  • Good luck to all of you this cycle!
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  • Totally.  I've been feeling cramping the past few days and I have convinced myself I am pregnant. 


    However, after being "so sure"  yet so wrong for so many months in a row, I'm not getting my hopes up this time.

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