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Ergo vs Beco

Anyone have a preference?  Know of any deals where I can get one?  Thanks!
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Re: Ergo vs Beco

  • We have an Ergo and we love it.  We'll never buy another carrier, period.  We tried 7 different baby carriers before it trying to accommodate DH's arthritis and back problems before we happened upon the Ergo which is the only carrier that he has been able to use successfully.  We bought ours at our local eco-baby store in Montreal but bought the infant insert from:

    They had great service and I like that they are Canadian. :) HTH! 

  • I went to a local store and looked at both of them. The Beco seemed way mroe complicated with more strapes to adjust, so we decided we will use the Ergo. Of course I haven't used either yet.
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