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Damn Ins Company

I just got a letter from my chosen delivery hospital that Aetna did not renew its contract for 2009.  I get to pick a new Dr and hospital as a result.  I am not happy, I really love my Dr and the Women's hospital.  I was born at the hospital and was looking forward to delivering my baby there one day.  Just one more sign that points to adoption for us.

Re: Damn Ins Company

  • That sucks!  I hope you are able to find a new hospital and doctor soon.
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  • That sucks!  Check with the company though, sometimes just because an insurence company wont work directly with them, doesnt mean they wont work with them at all.  Ex: you get the bill, file the claim yourself, and then the ins reimburses you.  Something to look into, becuase if you already have a dr you like and a hosptial you want, I'd hate for you to lose that. 
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  • Oh man, that sucks!

    It it never easy choosing/finding a hospital or Doctor.

    I would fuming too.

    Good luck with finding a new one - maybe you can can recommendations?


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  • Oh that stinks!  I hate having to switch my Dr/hospital once I find one I like.  My company is changing out health care and is going to tell us about the new plan tomorrow so I may be in the same boat...eek!
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