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pre m/c my cycles we so messed up i took prometruim to start af...after the m/c i have had normal cycles or so it seemed they we 38-39 days long now this is my 3rd cycle post m/c and nothing it has been over 50 days i did have the normal before af starts spotting but then she never showed. i am wondering if you can o without having af show? im having really sharp pains today and cm is the way it should be with o...anyone else have this happen? i plan on calling the doc tomorrow...i have tested with all so confussed

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  • I would definitely call your OB to be sure ... and hopefully you were getting false negatives and that's why af never showed!!!  either that or maybe it was really light this month and the spotting was actually it?
  • I've heard you can O before AF shows. I went through the same thing this past month. It had been 47 days since I m/c and nothing....then last week I had really sharp pains and AF finally showed last night. Patience is so hard sometimes. I hope you find out whats going on this week!
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  • My m/c was at the end of September and right on schedule, I O'd approximately 3 weeks later, and then AF 2 weeks after that. I always get O pains, so that's the dead giveaway for me. 

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