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Who has there tree up?

Who all has there tree up?  I LOVE having up the christmas tree!  I will have to take a picture and post it tomorrow! Today I am too lazy! :)


Re: Who has there tree up?

  • We always put ours up the day after thanksgiving! ?It's up and it is snowing like crazy here today so it's perfect!
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  • We are fumigating the house this week, so I have to wait until I'm off on Thursday to put the tree was supposed to go up Friday but we are having the pest guys come before we get everything all decorated so that its all done.  I cannot wait though...I'm so excited!
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  • We put ours up after cleaning up thanksgiving dinner.  Yay, I love it!!
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  • Ours is up and we plan to finish decorating it tonight.  It's finally chilly in Dallas, so we're going to build a fire tonight and get the rest of our Christmas stuff out.
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  • We do!!! We put it up last weekend! I love Christmas :)
  • We do!  We bought a beautiful 15-foot tree and put it up yesterday.  There are a few bare spots on it that I was disappointed about, but oh well!  They are pretty well hidden.  I went out and bought a new skirt and a topper yesterday so it looks really nice.  Maybe I'll PIP later.  I have been in the family room watching football, fireplace going, hot chocolate and the tree lit up all day.  It snowed out all morning so this has been just about the most perfect Sunday.
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  • We do! We put it up Thanksgiving morning. It felt wierd doing it then but we had all morning. Its been sparkling all day. I wish it was snowing here. Its 78 degrees! Thank God for a/c!
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  • Ours has been up for 10 days now :)
  • We do ! we went to the cutest tree farm yesterday and decorated it last night!

    yay! now I can admire the tree in the living tree while hanging out on this board :):):)

  • We do!!! Just finished decorating it!!! Yay for Christmas! I too wish it was snowing here though!!!
  • I do! It smells so good!
  • We are putting our tree up 12/10... because we are leaving Friday to celebrate Christmas in NYC for 5 days.... HOORAY! We figure no use putting up a tree if we're not going to be here to water it! Can't wait - there is something about the smell of a real tree!
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