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I'm worried... I don't *feel* pg anymore...

So I haven't been feeling bad really, but last week I think I caught a bit of a bug.  I felt terrible for about a week with a low grade fever.

 Now I feel great.  My boobs don't hurt anymore and I'm not nearly as tired as I was.  Plus, no more nausea.  This should be great right?  Except that it really worries me!  Am I just being stupid, or is this something to worry about?  When I felt bad, people kept telling me that it was good, that it meant everything was going well with the baby.  What does it mean now that I feel better?  *panic face*

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Re: I'm worried... I don't *feel* pg anymore...

  • It's normal for the symptoms to come and go. I started feeling pretty good in week 9 and have felt pretty good since. If you're still worried in the morning, I would give your doctor a call.
  • I had a few days around 8-10 weeks where the nausea would subside and I'd get a burst of energy.  And after enjoying it for 2 seconds I'd freak out.  And then within the next day or two it would be back.  I know this is hard advice to take but unless you've had any serious cramps or bleeding, try to relax and trust that your baby is a-okay.  But if you're really nervous call your dr tomorrow and see if they want to test your levels or anything.  You won't be the first (or the last!) to call with concerns.  (((hugs)))

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  • I wouldn't worry too much - these things do come and go and I think they are worse in the beginning because of the surge of hormones.  Maybe now things have leveled out or your body is just handling it all better.  I've had very few symptoms this PG (I was really sick before my m/c last year), but the baby is still doing fine!  I was worried about the lack of symptoms, but now I am trying to just consider it a blessing!  Hope you are feeling better about things now. 
  • My symptoms (during my successful pregnancy) started to ease at week 10.  They made a nasty return a couple of times in the following weeks- so you may just be nearing the end of your 1st tri misery!  If you're worried though, call your doc for an u/s.  It may ease your mind quite a bit!  I had a ton of 1st tri u/s to keep me sane!


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  • Thanks ladies.  I already have an appointment on Friday to get my levels checked because of the progesterone that I'm on.  This was my first week without a scan though so I guess that's part of the reason that I'm nervous.  I've been spoiled in that we've gotten scans the past 3 weeks in a row (weeks 6, 7, and 8).  I guess I just need to relax...
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  • i think you should call and see if you can come in sooner. i know what it's like to worry and you don't need that stress! peace of mind is a wonderful thing and if that means going in a few days earlier, do it. don't worry about annoying the dr's office - they're rooting for you.  and we are too!  :)
  • I'm sorry- it sucks to worry.  It does seem totally normal, though, to have your symptoms come and go around this time.  I had a break around 9 weeks and thought I was done and then it came back just as strong two days later.
  • I started feeling a lot better in week 9 and then the nausea came back with a vengeance in week 10. Enjoy the break. Wink
  • I started feeling better at around 9 or 10 weeks, it seems.  Still, if it were me, I'd try to get in to see the doctor sooner, just for peace of mind.


  • I think I felt the same exact way at that point.  I even remember crying to Jay about it and saying, "I'm not sick anymore, what's happening!?"  And he was so confounded by it b/c I had been so nauseated and complaining about that.  Poor guy.


    Keep us updated, hope all is well in there!

  • I woke up on week 12 day 1 (with my 1st pg) and didn't feel a single thing. I was a nervous wreck from then until the time when I could feel Jack moving around (a good month later).?

    Hopefully, you've just entered that time where your body lets you enjoy being pg for a while!!?

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