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Jesus Christ they're vultures

i posted a rant on "i think it was babies on the brain' and they *** picked it apart! critisized my spelling!!! WTF! who effing cares how a spell anyways?? i mean, i just ranting on how frustrating being 9 days from testing and having all these symtoms and knowing that technically it shouldn't be happening right now.

they accused me of being someone named OP and called me a birthcontrol f**k up! i want to know which one of them thinks they know me and my story gosh darn it because they sure as hell are mislead.

 what the hell!!! when did message boards become some people's personal playgrounds? i thought these were here to inform, inspire and help mothers and mothers-to-be and even one day hopefuls to the changes and roles that come with parenthood?


Re: Jesus Christ they're vultures

  • I had something similar happen when I posted on the Philly board during the World Series.  One of the girl came on my local and posted a Go Phillies.  In good fun I posted on their board and was made fun of for using the wrong word in a statement.  Even after I edited the post she was still coming at me.

     Thats why I don't wander far from TTCAL, TTTC and my local.

  • well i know where im definatly sticking around. jesus, just because im not one of the "chosen few" (one of them is a featured member, i saw it on the community board) i get degredated by everyone and dogged off becuase i had a legitamite post. and one thats not fawning over how great they are... urg. people suck.

    and i hate people who sit there and get all defensive over sports. im a not much of a baseball fan anymore, but i know people are real sensitive about it. i've had more than one tarheel fan get pissed at me because i jokingly asked when they graduated from UNC (its an ongoing joke in NC that most of the UNC fans don't have the GPA to attend the school!)

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  • I've never been on many of the other boards for exactly that reason.
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  • I'm sorry!  OP could either mean Other Poster or OregonPachey (joking!), although, I haven't posted another about my symptoms over there.

    I do love this board though.

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  • Words of advice:  Don't go over there anymore.  It's nothing but snark.  Don't take it personally, that's how they entertain themselves.
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  • oh trust me im not heading back that way. everyone has been nothing but helpful here, i just wish i could set this board as the one the automatically popps up. then i won't even have to see thiers. 
  • that's awful you had such a bad experience over there ! just stay here on this board ...everyone is so positive and supportive !
  • That's awful! I have never understood why women feel the need to tear each other apart. Stay here instead!!
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