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I am seriously working myself into an emotional downward spiral every cycle. I get completely devastated when I am not KU each month. Last month I cried for two days straight. I need to let go and calm down. What should I do?  
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  • I used to be the same way. After my second loss in Sept our re told us not to tcc untill testing was done so we decided to wait till the New Year. I feel so different. I hardly know what cd I am unless I count. When I used to get to involved in tcc, I would take a nest break. It was hard but it did help. Sometimes I felt so addicted to the boards, it made me feel panicky sometimes. I'm sorry you get so down but I think it is normal. I will probably be doing the same thing come January. Good luck and hang in there.
  • I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I've done.

    1. expect that it's not going to happen
    2. therapy
    3. medication
    4. find a relaxation method (yoga, meditation, etc.)
    5. find something to occupy your time (hobby, working out, reading, etc.)

    I know that my list may not help much, but try to find at least a couple of things that will help turn some of your thinking away from TTC.  I know it's hard, and I'm sorry you're having such a tough time.  We're here for you though!

    Todd & Kristin, 3.10.07

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  • For me, I was very worked up last cycle and then very dissapointed when AF showed.  I was really bummed and totally mental for 2 days.  But I knew I had to snap out of it to keep my sanity, so I just got engulfed in my favorite magazines and really good book.  Went for pedicure and hair cut.  These things may not work for you, but they might - worth a try.  Basically, keep busy with fun things.

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  • I'm sorry you're feeling that way.  Last month was our first try post m/c and I felt completely devastated also.  After a couple of days it got better but now I'm trying to also have some other goals, such as getting in better shape, doing some painting around the house, playing the piano etc. to help me divert some energy.  I'm not sure if it will help or not...we'll see next month.  I hope you find something that works for you but most of all I hope you get KU soon.  ((big hug))
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  • I am feeling the same way. I have got to find something else to focus on because it is killing me. I am going to have find me a hobby or something.
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  • I'm sorry Kimmie.....

    It is just devestating each and every month when you get AF. I feel like I have tried everything...

    1) Charting

    2) Using an OV Watch

    3) Accupuncture (sp?)

    4) CBEFM

    5) Seeing a specialist

    6) Praying

    7) Taking tons of vitamins

    8) Using pre-seed

    9) using the board to keep my sanity!

    Serioulsy... our kid may not be able to go to college, but hopefully all of these 'investments' will give us a family. haha. I've also gotten several massages, chopped my hair, bought all new clothes and painted my whole house.... Anything to keep myself occupied!!

    And remember, we're here for you....

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