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baby #2 ? Same hospital or a different one?

I really think i want to deliver at a different hospital for baby #2. ( not that #2 is even the apple of daddy's eye yet. haha)?


I don' think i can handle being there again, so close to the SCN and the ICU that i was in. I panic just thinking about it! ANyone else deliver at a different hospital??

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Re: baby #2 ? Same hospital or a different one?

  • I would DEFINITELY want to be at the same hospital. They really saved my life and my DD's too and they treated us sooo well.  I'm not sure what would have happened if I would have been somewhere else? Bottomline, I trust them if something were to go wrong =) 
  • I will definitely stay with the same hospital. 1. I want my same doc to deliver me because she's familiar with my history and had an abruption herself and was amazing during my ordeal. 2. If I'm going to be hospitalized or have a preemie again (God forbid) I would want to be in a place where I knew everyone and could trust that I was in good hands. IMO it was so hard to get used to all the nurses, and it would be nice to not have to learn the ropes all over again if I didn't need to.
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  • I desperately want to be at the SAME hospital because they were so fabulous. Sure, there are difficult memories there but they saved my babies life and I feel like they are all my extended family!!! I actually can't wait until I deliver so that I can see them all again!
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  • will your same ob go to the other hospital?  I would keep my same ob if given the opportunity.  we moved and my second group didn't take me seriously when I started having pree symptoms again.  the office notes from my first ob showed mild-moderate pre induction... but when I induced my pressures went through the roof... things got severe... I think they thought I was just an anxious mom. I wish I could've used my old ob the second time!  Now, I'm closed for business so it doesn't matter. 
  • I would definitely want to be at the same hospital again. I loved the nurses in the NICU and the neonatologists were great too. They took such good care of my baby and I would definitely trust them again if I were to have another NICU baby. I also liked the labor and delivery nurses and the nurses on the floor where I stayed after I had Brandon.
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  • It depends.  If we have a preemie we'll definitely go to the same hospital, if we're full-term we'll go to the hospital that is closer to our home.
  • It will be a different hospital for #2.  I want to be at a hospital with a top rated NICU and a high risk OB group.  The hospital DD was born at can't handle preemies under 32 weeks, and they were iffy on wanting to transfer me when I was admitted.  The hospital I am planning to use next time is where they would have transferred me.

    I also wasn't super happy about the care I got.  My epi wasn't working during my c-section, and I wan't given anything else for the pain.  My post-partum nurse failed to report to my doctor than my blood pressure had gone to 210/125 for 8 hours.  I could have easily had a stroke--this was not OK.

  • I am the same at mhop. I was transferred by ambulance to the hospital I delivered at. If we have a full-term, it will be at my original hospital that is close to my home and family. If we are having another preemie, I will be at the hospital that has the best NICU.

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