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CD-What am I doing wrong?

I am using the trial diapers from Jillian's Drawers but I'm not having much luck. Most of the diapers keep leaking.

Thirsties AIO - leaked within an hour of being on her both times I used them

Thirsties Fab Fitted w/ Imse Vimse Cover - leaked within 2 hours of being on her both times I used them

Fuzzi Bunz - Leaked but I think she needs a smaller size

bumGenius 3.0 - Worked great through a 4 hour nap both times I've used them - no leaks - I really like these but I wonder how they will hold up after time.

I really want cloth to work but I'm having more problems than I do with disposables. The only time she gets her clothes wet in disposables is at night because she scooches and the diaper slides down. 

Am I doing something wrong here? Thoughts?


Re: CD-What am I doing wrong?

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    1. ?Thirsites AIO- we've not had good luck with these....they leak and a lot of ladies on here have had similar problems. ?I think there's just some sort of design flaw with them.

    2- Fab Fitted- are you sure you are getting all the diaper enclosed in the cover, making sure there isnt any exposed to wick onto her clothing? ?

    3- I have no experience with Fuzzi Bunz.

    4- BG: ?we had major leaks on this when we tried it but he was a newborn at the time and still to small to make it work

    With the trial did you get a Kissaluv and prefolds? ?We've had good success with both of these.?

    ?Edit: ?I failed to see that your daughter is 4 months so some of my experience isnt comparable since we did the newborn trial. ??

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    for the dipes that are leaking, where are the leaks occuring? 
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    For what its worth, I had the same experience with the Jillian's trial.. At some point, everything leaked for us except the BumGenius. Ultimately, that's what we went with for the majority of our stash and for the most part, they have been great. I've been using them for 6 months now and aside from a few buildup issues from the soap I was using, I'm happy with them.
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    Thanks for the responses. The leaking has been aound the legs.

    The second time I used the Thirsties Fab Fitted and cover I carefully checked all areas to make sure the diaper was covered. It was but it still leaked.

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    My son was a bit older when we did the trial and we had a couple different diapers but just so you don't think it's all about the trial - I had no problems with anything that I got in the trial.

    I'm thinking it's the fit (with the exception of the aio which I haven't heard good things about). Are there any gaps around the legs of the diapers or the cover that she could be leaking out of? Are the diapers/ inserts soaked when you take them off - if they are then it sounds like she should be changed more frequently or that you have a super soaker that will require a more absorbent diaper. If they're not soaked then I'd say either the diaper's not fitting properly due to being too large or small or that you're just not getting it on properly around the legs. There's a bit of a learning curve with cd's and it sometimes takes a bit of fussing to know how everything should work. 

    How did you prep the diapers - is it possible that you're getting repelling already?

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    -Have you washed all of it and, if so, what did you wash with?

    -How wet are the inserts on the pocket diapers and the fitteds getting before they start leaking? Are they soaked when you pull them out or just about dry?

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    are you putting them on tight enough?
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    I washed them all before use in Original Powder Tide which is what they reccommend on Jillian's Drawers.

    I think I am getting them tight enough since she is getting a tiny bit red around the legs.

    The inserts have been pretty wet with the pocket diapers (bumGenius & Fuzzy Bunz). The bumGenius didn't leak at all and I think that the Fuzzi Bunz only did because they are too big. I ordered a size small and I'll see how that works.

    The Fab Fitted was wet but not super wet. I would have thought I could got longer than two hours without a change. I usually change her each time I feed her.

    How often do you need to change a pocket diaper? Is it less often than with fitteds? I don't want her to be too wet.

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    Pinstripesandpolkadots rates all the tide detergents very poorly and I consider that to be a pretty well researched chart:

    But if you were having detergent issues it most likely would have affected your microfiber before your fitteds. Fitteds need to be prepped more times than the pockets before they're fully absorbent - how many times did you wash them when you prepped them? Since you say they're not soaked I wonder if they're not fully prepped or that you're having another issue with them. 

    It could be that she's just soaking through them though. CD's generally need to be changed every 2-3 hours during the day especially with a newborn who's on a total liquid diet and peeing constantly. Depending on the fitted (and I've never used thirsties) the pocket might go a touch longer because microfiber is so absorbent. That might be why you're not having the same problems with those right now.

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