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Has anyone ever heard of this before or tried it? I just came across an ad for it when I was online at and I was reading about it.  Seems a little hokey, but wondering if anyone has tried it before.

For those who haven't heard of it, it's an at-home couples fertility test. Women have to do it on CD3 and I guess men can do it any time. It says:

The Fertell female fertility test indicates Ovarian Reserve by measuring Follicle Stimulating Hormone on Day 3 of her period (Day 3 FSH test). Ovarian Reserve is a measure of the age of the ovaries and their ability to respond to FSH in order to produce eggs capable of fertilization. Fertell is the only at-home FSH fertility test that is appropriate for fertility screening.

The Fertell male fertility test measures the concentration of motile sperm, which is the quantity of sperm that can readily swim to reach an egg. This motile sperm count per milliliter of semen is a critical factor in male fertility. Fertell is the only at-home test that allows you to privately and accurately determine if your motile sperm count pr milliliter meets established guidelines for male fertility.


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Re: Fertell?

  • Yes - we have both done the tests.

    We bought it December of last year.

    I took the female test in March or so, before we started TTC and my test came out with normal/acceptable response to the FSH test.

    DH took the male test in August, 2 months into TTC and his results were poor.  Hence, we then took professional S/A in October and again in November. 

    The Fertell test, for only $100 and available over the counter, was spot on.  As the results we got with our RE were the same as what the Fertell kit had found as well.

    I would suggest trying it as a start, if you are curious or think either of you may have an issue.

    Good luck!

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  • I've heard of it, but not tried it.
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  • Just wondering, what can your DH do? Do you need to do IUI? MY is 39 and doesn't necessarily think he has a problem, but is wondering if his age might be an issue for TTC.
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  • My DH is 37 - testing with RE ( another S/A) resulted in confirming that he has low count, low motility and low morphology.  There is still a chance we can conceive on our own, so we are still TTC (and we did get PG once already) but the chances are very slim.  In this case, because he issues with those 3 main characteristics, our best bet is IVF with ICSI.  It seems in our case, it is DH with the issues and not me.  I am not a spring chicken either, am 36, turning 37 next month.  So our plan is to continue to try on our own until April - if no luck, we are heading to the clinic for IVF/ICSI.  No time to waste.
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  • How long did it take the first time if you don't mind me asking?

    If I don't get pg this cycle (which is seeming unlikely given my past several days of BFN's) perhaps we'll look into the Fertell. It looks like they sell it at Target. 

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