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What would you like to talk about today?  I am supposed to be writing an student evaluation for a meeting tomorrow, and it just isn't coming to me!  I am doing everything I can to procrastinate! 

So .... let's get you to bronze!!!!

Re: ***Lauren***

  • hmmm let me think about this....

    what can we chat about?!?

    What kind of student evaluation???

  • I'm a special education teacher, so when kids get referred for testing I do the assessment and then write up a report with all of the scores and analyze everything to determine if they qualify for special education services.  They are kind of a pain in the butt, especially if the kids are borderline (like this one is) because you really have to explain yourself either way and I feel like I'm really affecting their life!  

    I work with 3-5 grades, and that's usually when learning disabilities are first noticed in most children, so I end up doing a lot of these!Stick out tongue

    What are you up to today?   

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  • Wow that sounds difficult.... I give you a lot of credit for teaching special education. It certainly takes a special person to do it :)

    I am not doing much today.... I think I am going to go watch a movie in a minute since it is so slow on here and DH is watching football! It is cold and rainy here, so I don't feel like leaving the house!

    What about you????

  • Well, so far while I've been pretending to work on this eval I have watched several episodes of The Kardashians, the end of Steel Magnolias, and now My Cousin Vinny.  I'm really wishing there was more on TV!  I'm considering going to the grocery store, but it is cold and rainy here too!

    Where in Michigan are you?  I was born in Dearborn (sp?) and we lived in Taylor .... but moved before I was 1, so I don't have any memories of it!

  • I live in the SouthEast Michigan, Sterling Heights is the city....

    Have you lived in CT since you moved from here??

  • Hmmm ... I don't even know where Dearborn and Taylor are .... I think in the thumb?

    We moved a lot when I was really little, went to Delaware where my dad is from after Michigan, than Connecticut where my mom was from.  We've been in CT since I was three. 

    Have you always been in Michigan?

  • Oh, I saw your reply to my other post.  What did you go to Hawaii for, was it an anniversary or something special, or just for fun?  Where did you go?  I'm jealous, I've always wanted to go there!
  • yep, lived in Michigan my whole life!!!

    We went to Hawaii to celebrate our first anniversary!! We figured we wanted to start a family, and that it was something we really wanted to do before that! We originally had not planned on TTC until after Hawaii, but I got pregnant in July, which ended in the ectopic. So the vacation came at a perfect time :)

    We went to Maui for 5 nights and Kauai for 5 nights. It was absolutely amazing.... I told DH I will do anything I can to make sure we get to go back there one day! It is absolutely breathtaking......

  • That sounds wonderful!!!!

    I'm biting the bullet and going to the store.  I hope you enjoy your movie.  Hopefully more people will be on tonight ... people should be coming back from the long weekend, so you can get your bronze!

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