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Question about RE's

What do they do exactly? My OB ran a panel looking for some disorders but everything came back negative. We don't really have an issue getting pg, just have issues staying that way. Does the RE do genetic testing on us? What can I expect?
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Re: Question about RE's

  • Not only do they help people get pregnant, but they help people stay pregnant. They will probably do a full RPL panel (blood clotting disorders, etc), check your progesterone and also a karyotype/DNA panel to see if there are any chromosome issues. They will probably do an SHG or HSG to see if there are any issues with your uterus/tubes. There are some other tests, like the DNA fragmentation test for your DH's sperm that can be done too. I would definitely see one if you have had 3 m/c. Even if they can't find anything wrong, sometimes they try empirical treatments like progesterone supps after O, baby aspirin, etc. GL to you.
  • When I went to my RE my OB had allready done the normal RPL panel of bloodwork, but the RE did a ton more (14 viles of blood ... blg!)  They also will do a saline ultrasound or HSG (although your regular OB may do this before sending you to an RE) to ensure that the shape of you uterus is okay and there is no scar tissue (endometriosis)  They also will take karyotypes and probably a semen analasys from DH, just to make sure that everything is okay there. 

    For me, he did find a few issues that we are working on fixing, but even more than that, he gave me peace of mind that nothing was getting overlooked.  I hope you get one that give you that peace of mind, because it really helps when you are going through all of this!  GL

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