TTC After a Loss


I didn't see any posts about last night?  Did you have fun?  What kind of martinis did you have?

Re: **Mrs.Lauren**

  • Thanks for thinking of me!!! I actually did have a great time, and I am glad since AF showed this am!

    I had an All that Razz Martini which was a Raspberry one.... yum! I also tried one called SIlk Panties lol... it was vodka and peach shnapps....

    I shared a hazelnut chocolate one that was yummmm too!

    My new plan is to try all the martinis on their menu, since every one has been good so far lol :)?

  • Mmmm ... they sound delicious!  Makes me want to take a trip to Michigan!!!  I see that you are close to making bronze, congratulations!!!!
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