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spotting while ovulating???

Good morning ladies,

I am hoping you can help me with this...I had a hysterosonogram on tuesday at CD11 and I spotted most of the day that day. DH and I had "fun" on Friday night at CD14. I did an OPK test yesterday and I could tell I was getting close to ovulating. Then today I just did another test and it was +, but I have a decent amount of spotting. I have never spotted mid cycle. If AF comes, it would be about 15 days early. 

Has anyone had spotting when ovulating? Could this be due to the testing on Tuesday? I am a bit concerned, becuase I am leaving on vacation tomorrow morning and don't know what to expect. 

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: spotting while ovulating???

  • I have heard that some girls spot when they ovulate ... it happened to me only once, but that was a cycle that resulted in a BFP - so to me it sounds like a good sign!!!!   It also certainly could be from the testing, I never had a hysterosonogram, but I did have an HSG, and I spotted for a couple of days from that. 
  • I actually had a bit this cycle which was the first time ever but there was some "fun" activity the night before so that could have been it also.
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