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Dr. approved acne treatment in PG?

My face looks awful!  I am all broken out around my mouth and chin.  Is there anything that is safe to use now?  I will double check with Dr. S. tomorrow at my sono appt., but I would like to get something when I go shopping today.  Thanks!

Re: Dr. approved acne treatment in PG?

  • Mine got a bit better during the 2nd tri., but I didn't really see a serious improvement till a couple of weeks ago when I got a really good facial.  I don't know if I rounded a corner in my pregnancy or if it was the facial, but it would be a safe thing to try.  Not to mention fun.  Smile

    I talked to my dr. about it at my last appt. (pre facial/clear up) and she said if it wasn't getting any better by the next appt. (24 weeks) then she'd give me some antibiotic facial wipes that should help. 

    I hope it gets better!!  I know how frustrating it can be. 

  • i'm with you! my face looked like i was 13 when i was pregnant. my doctor said to switch to an antibacterial face wash and i did - definitely an improvement.  switched from neutrogena to dial!
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  • It is not acne treatment but I looooooove Philosophy's Microdelivery exfoliating wash.  I had run out at the beginning of my PG and had not replaced it.  I started breaking out with blackhead really bad.  I replace it last month and my skin almost immediately stopped breaking out.  Yes


    I did not use this during my 1st PG and had problem skin through most of my 2nd as well.  I have not had any breakouts since returning to it this PG at about 10 weeks.


    I know they say not to use anything with syliac (sp?) acid or retin-A during PG, and this does not have any.

    Good Luck!

  • I've had skin issues my entire pg. it's not as bad on my face, but my chest, neck and back are way worse. my dr. said anything over the counter was safe to use. my dermatologist also gave me a prescription for Clindamycin which is an antibotic cream. i used it a bit in the beginning but it wasn't helping much so i stopped. in the last month i've started using proactiv and that actually seems to improve my face a bit. unfortunately for me i think it's going to take giving birth to improve my chest/back.
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  • My doctor said that salicylic acid in a face wash (not a lotion or cream) was okay since I'd be rinsing it off once the soap was off my face. She also said to make sure the solution was less than 2%. I started using Neutrogena Acne Cleanser in the grapefruit scent and it's helped tons.

    Mine has really started clear up in the past few weeks too, so maybe there's just a point you have to get to in your pregnancy! GL! 

  • My doctor told me it was just part of the process for some people. My face was horrible during the first tri and is better off an on now.
  • I was told it was ok to keep using Proactive.
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