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New here and nervous!!!

Wow...has this been a roller coaster of emotions. Some things you never think will happen to you, and then they do. Anways...I had a m/c in the begining of october (natural) and AF just it's time to start trying again..wahooo..however I am sooo nervous of it happening again! My mind keeps going back and forth back and forth with stupid thoughts...of "well maybe its a sign, we shouldn't have kids now" or "maybe I'm not healthy enough" or blah blah....anyone else ever feel that way? I just do not want to go through it again, it was so painful emotionaly and physically. Well none the less....I am here and excited to be a part of this board! I guess I just need to keep my faith and try to stay positive!!!

Re: New here and nervous!!!

  • Yes, all those feelings are normal.  Welcome to the board!
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  • First of all, I'm very sorry for your loss.  I absolutely understand the way you feel.  After the m/c, I went through a period where I was certain that God didn't want me to have kids at the time so he made me miscarry, but after talking to my husband at (GREAT) length, we decided it was hopefully just a fluke and that we wanted to begin trying again right away.  

    I'm glad to have you here and I hope you have quick success with TTC.   

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  • completely normal.  we will always think of our m/c's and it will be something that is always a part of us.  i have the same thoughts as you but we are also going to ttc again this month and we are excited and nervous but much more excited so lets hope for a great 2009 for all of us!!  best of luck to you and sorry for all you have gone through.
  • Welcome!  Sorry about your m/c...that's around when I had mine.  Good luck ttc!!!
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  • Welcome!  I am pretty new here too and have found this board to be very helpful.  I had my m/c about a month after yours and I am nervous to try again as well but I think having the m/c makes me realize what I wanted even more.  And knowing how much we want to be parents helps to outweigh the fears of going through this again.   That and knowing there is a wonderful resource here to get us through it all!!   Good luck!!   :)
  • Wow  - you couldn't have said it better!  I have felt the same way!  This is our first month as well.  We have been saying LOTS of prayers!  Good luck! It sounds like you are definitly on the road to a new start!  Wonderful!
  • Welcome to our board!

    Your feelings are normal to us! Many of us have had the same thoughts and fears.  I too go back and forth and often wonder why why why and when when when?!

    Having just finished your first cycle post m/c you are well on your way!

    Best of luck :)

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  • I'm sorry that you have to go through a loss.  You will find a lot of support on this board.  In some cases, like me, we've been through it multiple times.  What you are feeling is perfectly normal.  Just make sure that your are ready to start trying again. 
  • :::waving hi:::

    We all feel the same way, thank god for this board hey?

    Good luck on this crazy journey!?

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  • I totally sympathize with all of the feelings you named!  I'm glad that you joined this board to help you through everything .... we help each other stay positive!  Welcome!!!!
  • Welcome to the board!  Try to stay positive!
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  • Welcome to our board! The girls here are so sweet and supportive! We're here for you! Good luck this month!! You have to do what you and DH are comfortable with. Just remember that it will happen when its supposed to. Stay positive and enjoy your baby making time! Good luck!! :)
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