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?, ordering OPK's

Last month I never got a positive, but I think I was testing too early because my miscarriage screwed up that cycle...

ANYWAYS, I am online buying more OPK's, and I am wondering which ones you think are best???

TIA :)?

Re: ?, ordering OPK's

  • I broke down and bought a CBEFM as I figured those would be easier to use.  have you considered one of these?
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  • I didn't order online, but I got the 20-pack Answer brand opk's from Wal-Mart.  It lasted me two+ cycles.
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  • I used the midstream cassette opks from I never had any problems with them. To me, it's easier to read than the cheapie dipstick kind and no extra cup needed to dip it in. They ship really quickly too.
  • Just wanted to add, that we also ordered the FertileAid for women & men and Fertile CM. The two months we took, we got our bfp. 3 big pills of each a day (DH only took 2 a day since he's not a vitamin person.). I took 1 in the am and 2 at night with meals. We did this every day until I ovulated and then stopped.  I "think" the vitamins, preseed, opks and charting all worked together for us.  HTH!
  • Last cycle I used the CBE OPKs and got my first positive ever on them.  So I recommend them but they were pretty expensive.  Prior to that, I was using the cheapie early-pregnancy OKPs that were less than $1 each.  It never gave me a positive but when it was 75% as dark as the control line, it usually indicated I would O within 24 hours so I used that as my faux positive.
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  • I buy them from as they ship to APOs.  I have had clear positives the past two months.
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  • I used line tests for a couple months and got frustrated trying to decide if they were positive.  So now I strictly use CBE digitals and I would never go back  You get a smiley face or not, no guessing.  THey're not that much more expensive  and the difference is worth it.
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