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Favorite sites for cloth diapering info? Or links to articles you love?

I've been slacking in all that I want to add to my site lately, especially informational content. If you have any links that you find to be especially helpful, especially when you were first starting, I'd love to see them:) I know there's a ton out there, so I figured that at the very least I can add them to the list of what I like personally and give some links to different sites that also sell and promote cloth diapers(I'd ask and get permission, of course!) so that it could be another resource with lots of info in one place.

Re: Favorite sites for cloth diapering info? Or links to articles you love?

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    I really like this site:

    Also for those in the Austin, TX area this store gives free weekly cloth diapering classes!


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    I like the "tutorial" on  It really helped me understand what an AIO was vs. what a pocket is vs. a fitted, etc

    And the info under "diapering basics" on is very helpful--especially the step by step picture for how to fold a pf and the laundering info.

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    I went to a workshop and I found that to be most helpful.

    She broke it down into the different types of diapers and why you might want to use each of  them, which require covers, which don't.  She talked about how many you might want in your stash, wetbags, detergent, etc.

    Maybe you could make 'profiles' like SAHM/SAHD, both parents working at home, part time worker, and give examples of what they might purchase for their given scenarios.  So, the SAHM might be looking to save some bucks so she use prefolds during the day, but fitteds and/or pockets at night.  Then the working family uses pockets/aios for daycare, and fitteds when at home (dad find them easier).  Obviously you won't cover everyone's individual needs and everyone has their own preferences, but this could be a good way to illustrate the different type of dipes pros for a new to CDing person.

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    i second jillians drawers info

    babyrabies blog- sorry no link

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