TTC After a Loss

popcorn (the person, not the food!)

I was just looking at your post down there and realized you have almost the exact same story as mine.....

I also had an ectopic treated w/methotrexate this July, and then I had a chemical last month!

I thought it was kinda strange and just wanted to say hi :) You chart looks great I hope this is your month!?

Re: popcorn (the person, not the food!)

  • Hi!  Crazy that our story is so similar....wish it was a better story to tell.  Did you have one or two rounds of the MTX injection?  I had 2 and was very thankful that it worked. Although it was quite painful. 

    Thanks for the wishes this month!  How's it looking for you this month?  Good luck!

    DD is on her way to 2! Lilypie Second Birthday tickers Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
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