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Okay girls, HELP!!

I have NO idea what's going on with my stupid body. According to FF, I'm 15dpo today. My LP has only been 12 days for the last 6 or 7 months. I had a tiny tinge of brown on the tp Friday night, so I figured AF was coming. Saturday morning, nothing more so I took a FRER and it was stark white BFN. Figured AF would show yesterday - nothing. No more spotting, no AF. I've been crampy and had a backache since Friday, so she should be here by now. I took my temp this morning just for kicks and it was 98.23, the highest it's been this cycle (however I stop temping after FF confirms O so my post O temps aren't complete). WTF? If I'm really "late" surely the FRER would've been +, so if I'm not pg, then why is my temp still high and where's AF? I've never had a LP longer than 14 days. Here's a link to my chart, not that it helps that much, but WTF do you think is going on???? Thanks girls.

Re: Okay girls, HELP!!

  • Did you test today? If looks promising!

  • I didn't test today because I figured if it was clear BFN yesterday, there was no point in wasting another test. Maybe if AF hasn't shown up by tonight I'll take another one. I just hate wasting money on tests - ugh.
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  • I'd say if af doesnt show by today I would test again tomorrow am. You never know it could of implanted late. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  • It looks promising! I hope you are pregnant :) GL to you :)
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  • I would test test and tomorrow

    If no BFP and no sign of AF,  go in for bloodwork

    Sending baby dust your way.....................

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  • With the open circles on your chart, and the days of your +opk, is it possible that you actually O'ed a day or two later than you think? That would only make you 13 or 14dpo, and still very much in this! I agree with pp, test again tomorrow, and if nothing, try to get in for bloodwork. I hope this is it for you!
  • It sucks being in Limbo land....image

    Fertility gods... please give my friend a BFP and not her AF, thank you kindly.?

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