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MIL update

Well, I think I'm going to survive what's left of the holiday weekend and if my MIL doesn't do anything else incredibly stupid or irritating, she just might too.  :)

See post below for most infuriating thing she did.  DH talked to her and told her under NO circumstances is she to go into the nursery during the night--if we need her, we'll go get her.

She is of the belief apparently that babies need a paci in their mouths at all times, something DH and I do not think--use the paci when necessary but that's it to hopefully prevent a paci addict.  We've talked to her about this over and over and she still does whatever the hell she wants.  Well, now the pacis have magically disappeared...I laugh an evil laugh inside every time I hear her looking for one.

DS needs some quiet for the first 15-20 min or so when he goes down at night, otherwise we have to start all over with rocking, etc.  So last night I get him down and then MIL decides it would be a fantastic time to load the dishwasher as loudly as possible (kitchen is right under DS's room).  He wakes up screaming and doesn't settle after 10 min (the time we usually give him) and she acts like she has no idea why he woke up. 

She leaves tomorrow thank goodness. Sorry, just venting again.

Hope everyone had a great turkey day and black Friday!



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Re: MIL update

  • I feel so bad for you!  It is almost over though, hang in there! 

     I have a bad feeling that stories like these are in my future..

    My sweet boy :)
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