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My mom tried to talk me into buying

a sewing machine. I swear the woman must think that we only spend money on dh and I must spend some on me too? There is no place in this house for such a thing and it would be fantastic if there was. DH and I talk about spending money before it happens mom, sorry we arent like you and dad.

It dosent help that dh would probably tell me to go get one if I asked. Budgeting is my job in the house though, even with the horrible pay.

Re: My mom tried to talk me into buying

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    We don't have any money to spend on one either, but my mom just told me that my grandmother has a really nice one that she hasn't used it I'm getting it for Christmas!!! 

    I don't have anywhere to put it either though.  I'm not quite sure what we'll be doing about that yet.  I think its going on the kitchen table for now.  lol  Then we need to hurry up and finish our basement to make a playroom/craft room.

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    Its seems lots of pp use the kitchen table. Our kitchen eatting area has our computer desks and school supplies. The actual table is in the garage under layers of plastic bags and old towels to protect it from dh using it while working on his project car. I had hoped to be able to roll it into the living room for meals. Hmm, maybe someday.
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