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Hi! Saw that you are nesting... How's everything??? Any updates on your end?

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  • Hi!  Big Smile

    Well, nothing too exciting.  AF packed her bags and is gone already -- so DH and I took full advantage of that.  I almost forgot to POAS (for my CBEFM) this am or temp....but I caught it in time.  I am getting obsessive!

    I just got back from dinner with friends and a meet and greet for our friends newborn.  I think I held a baby for half of the night!  One of my friends does not know about my m/c and she was looking at my new blackberry storm and I realized after I got it back that the PL Board was up on my browser.  I am not sure if I should say something or not.  Oh and we decorated our house yesterday. 

    How about you?

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  • You have been busy! That is fun about DH and AF! And very nice she left on a long weekend! I still have no sign of AF....

    Friday I slept in (since I was up so late!!!), then ran errands and met up with my sister (it was my little sister's 24th bday). Then we had a family bridal shower for one of my cousins. After the shower, we went out in Georgetown - which was a blast! I am the oldest of 33 cousins in my family (I'm 30, the youngest is 3) and about 15 of us, plus friends, hubbys, etc went out and that was hilarious. But, I was out until 4am. Yikes! Today DH and I laid low - cleaned the house, went out to lunch, did laundry, etc.  DH is at work again... we had club seats at the Wizards game tonight and had a date night all planned. So, had to give those up and hung out with my parents instead. WOOHOO!

    Am looking forward to starting to decorate tomorrow....

    I wonder if she could tell what the PL board was? Most people wouldn't get it at first....

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  • Oh -- the annoying "you copied my hair" cousin.  How did it go?  So fun about the cousin's outing.  That is a HUGE family.  I am one of the two oldest of 11 cousins (mom's side) and it is fun when we do get together.  My older cousin Eric is literally only 12 hours older then me, then after us it is about every year and a half until our youngest -- 16 and 10.  It would be so much fun to go out like that -- late night for you!  So -- good, you got your sister out afterall then.

    The PL board says miscarriage/pregnancy loss at the top.  She just had a baby in August and knows I have been trying.  So I think she will put the two together.  Honestly, I would rather everyone know -- it is just easier to deal with imo.

    You my dear get wife of the year award!  I so have it in my mind that that your husband is like Ryan Phillipe in Breach.  Your parents and you must have  good relationship!

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  • I put on my big girl panties to deal with my annoying cousin. I decided I needed to let things go and be a grown up about it. No use wasting my energy on being negative. It was fun going out like that. I'm hoping that's the last time for a while and that I'll be preggers soon!

    It is just so much easier if everyone knows. And the trying to remember who you've told and who you haven't just takes so much mental energy. GL with that one...

    I can forgive DH as we'll be in NYC this time next week and he can't work then!!! As for my parents, I do love them (they live a mile away) and I think they are feeling bad for me... They are great though.... :-)

  • wow, just a mile away?  DH parents live in PA and mine in AK.  That would be so nice to have ours close by.  Do you think they will be always at your home when you do have your precious baby?  I wonder if that would be easier having them close by -- for us, when they come visit they will be staying with us and can't go home!

    It is hard figuring out who I have told and who I have not.  I agree.

    Do you feel good about this cycle?  I saw you are planning on using preseed, what have you read up on it?

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  • Yes, my parents are a mile away and my in-laws, sister and both sister-in-laws live within 5 miles.... Needless to say, we see a lot of each other. It is 90% wonderful; 10% nutty. DH wants to have my mom stay with us for a week (sleeping here) and his mom stay here for a week when we do have a baby. I think that's funny. And both mom's have agreed to help us watch the little one so I can work. My mom, ever the optimist, also said if I have twins or triplets (could you imagine??? I'm starting clomid after next AF), that she would take a leave of absence from her job to get us through the first year. How sweet!!!

    It is strange - we've never stayed at either of our parents houses!!! Sometimes I think it'd be really fun to stay at our parents.... but then I am glad that they don't have to stay at my house since it's tiny!

    I have read up on pre-seed.... We have to use lube and I'm kicking myself for not realizing that regular lube can kill sperm. Fantastic! So, we are not taking any chances now. As for this cycle, I don't know. I am so on time with my cycle and my levels dropped so quickly I was so sure I would get AF on cd28. Now I'm on cd36 and nothing. It is just frustrating.

    What about you? Sorry for rambling!


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