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Today I got told that I do NOTHING.

By my lazy, selfish SIL.

She and my other SIL decided to remodel (paint, new furniture, carpet, etc.) IL's house while they are on vacation.  IL's are aware of it, who planned it, etc. and they are paying for it.  They left on Sunday night and until today, both SIL's have spent 20 minutes in that house combined.  My brother has been out there scraping wallpaper, removing things from walls, moving furniture etc. (DH was on an unexpected business trip from Monday to Thursday morning).  Today, DH, me, and another friend were out there painting, detailing, taping, etc.  One SIL (the selfish one), came out today with her little girl and cleaned off the kitchen counters and left, saying she had plans tonight, plans that were made before *we* (me and DH!) planned this.

I text her and told her that we didn't plan this.  Long story short, she told me that I do nothing and that I make work for DH.  That it's always about me.  Lol, what BS.  She moved in with IL's when she got pg and  sponged off them until her daughter was 5 months old (now a little over a year).  She finally got a job which she lost last week.  MIL fawned over her for the last 2 years until DH and his other 2 siblings told her (MIL) off, saying to snap out of it, the world doesn't revolve around SIL.   MIL has gotten a lot better as she realizes how much stress SIL caused her and what it was doing to her relationships with the rest of us (she and I use to be close). 

Well, I told SIL exactly what I think of her.  She thinks of herself and no one else.  She drains the people around her.  She counts on MIL to babysit so she can party.  She asks DH to look at her car or help her move.  She expects everyone to help her out and support her.  I also told her to NEVER tell me that I don't do anything ever again.  I'm NOT her.  She knows nothing about our (me and DH) relationship and she should stop pretending she does.  

Oh, I was so p*ssed.Angry           

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Re: Today I got told that I do NOTHING.

  • Nice one!  With a small family and no in-laws living in the country I sometimes wonder how cool it must be to have sister-in-laws, aunts, etc... maybe I'm better off!  Good job for not taking any of her crap.
  • Awesome!  I'd have told her to go fuckherself with a railroad spike.  Sideways.  What a crazyperson.
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  • Hmmm...Do we have the same sister in law??

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