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I am sorry to hear that you are spotting too. It seems to always happen on the weekend for me so that nothing can be done about it. I am moderately freaking out. But I keep reassuring myself that nearly 1/2 of all women spot during the first trimester.?

I hope your spotting stops soon. ?

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  • Thanks Kristyn!  It seems to happen like that for me as well...on the weekend. I am not too worried since I spotted on and off with last pg and that had nothing to do with loss. In fact with last pg, I bled one Sunday and had to wait until Monday afternoon to come in a get an u/s. Everything was fine, but man that was a long wait. I hope your spotting stops soon too. I think mine is dwindling, but still there a little. I am not sure if I over did it at work by being on my feet too long or not enough water, or if this is a delayed result of sex with DH about 7-8 hrs ago. I have spotted tiny amt the last 2 times we had sex and was glad when I didn't this time...or at least I thought at the time I didn't.

    One thing that helps me is to tell myself spotting w/o cramps is ok and cramps w/o spotting is ok...that helps me relax a little during the 1st tri.

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  • You have such a great attitude. I think it is starting to rub off on me. What helps me is that my boobs are still ginormous and I am nauseous as hell.?

    In nine months we will both look back and laugh at this bump in the road. ?

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  • Lets hope so! I only got this atitude after being freaked out almost every 3 weeks during last pg in the 1st tri. I too am super nauseous as well and take great comfort in that. Funny the things we are thankful for!


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