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spanx?? i need a pair asap!!

So, this Friday is DH's station's holiday party at the Hard Rock.  We're leaving Abby with my parents for a few hours and getting to spend a few hours not changing diapers :)  I, however, do not exactly fit into my pre-pg clothes just yet and am not entirely comfortable with my stomach... I don't look hugely pregnant anymore... just about 3 months lol.  So, I need to buy a pair of spanx or something to help me feel somewhat back to normal. 

Where can I buy a pair???  The only time I've ever seen them at the store has been at the neiman marcus outlet at dolphin, but I really don't want to drive out there... iwas think staying around Dadeland or the Falls.  Any help??  tia!!

Re: spanx?? i need a pair asap!!

  • I bought mine on ebay. I heard alot of good things for their less expensive line at Target.
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  • Dillards carries spanx, not sure if you a Dillards down by where you are. I bought a brand called TC from Dillards which I've worn every second since I left the hospital. Seriously- I only take it off to shower. It really helped to bring my tummy down and I'm hoping it will help the skin pick back up. Maybe you can just go to Macy's and check out what they have there. They probably carry Spanx.

    Have fun at the Hard Rock!


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  • Nordstrom in dadeland carries them.  Good Luck!!
  • Ditto Nordstroms, that's where I've gotten mine - they are amazing.
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