TTC After a Loss

I don't normally share this sort of thing

ok this is a short story i wrote not too long ago, and revised a little bit today. it's just my hobby and i thought you guys could relate to it so i wanted to share it with you. My DH hasn't seen it yet, if he ever sees it. Please don't be too harsh but feel free to comment on it what you thought

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Rachel?s Misconceptions

Rachel lay sobbing on the bed wondering what had happened. Was it her fault? Why did this keep happening to her? How could she fix it? Could she even handle this anymore? All Rachel had ever dreamed of was being in love, being married, and having kids with the man she loved. She had always assumed it would be that simple. Why would she ever have any problems? Of course, so far, all she had was the love. Thane had proposed, she had naturally accepted, their wedding was planned for August. In early January, early in their engagement, Rachel had become pregnant, she was scared and excited and most of all knew that Thane would be a wonderful father; that?s why the bleeding 2 days after the test had shocked her so much. She quickly realized that she had miscarried. She saw the doctor, had it confirmed and was driving to see Thane when it truly hit her. She sobbed the entire 2 hours. She had decided not to tell Thane because, after all, he hadn?t known about the pregnancy so he needn?t be hurt with this news. That plan only worked for about 5 minutes. She broke down in tears and told him. He seemed a little surprised and then sad, but mostly he didn?t know what to do with Rachel. They moved in together not long after that. It was not long after, in March, that Rachel discovered that she was again pregnant. She told Thane and his excitement was contagious, Rachel reminded herself that statistically everything was in her favor, there was an eighty percent chance se would carry to term. So again, the bleeding caught her off guard. Two days after seeing two blue lines, and two days after seeing Thane so ecstatic, she was again failing in something nearly every other woman on the planet could do, produce life. A few months of birth control, and serious discussions on the subject, later??.. Rachel and Thane decided to start trying to get pregnant, the first few months they didn?t use protection and slept together when ever they wanted to, not based on a schedule. Then Rachel started charting, taking her temperature every morning and closely monitoring bodily fluids that no sane woman would monitor, then writing it all down to keep track. Rachel timed when she ovulated every month and sure enough, 2 cycles later, she was pregnant again. This time Rachel was ecstatic, but quite wary. When 3 days after the test she hadn?t had any problems, she decided to tell her friends, saving the news until Christmas for their families. When Rachel?s morning sickness and other symptoms went away she got very scared, she knew something was wrong. She asked a few friends about it, and they told her to think positively, it would be fine. But again, 3 days after her symptoms left her, so did the pregnancy. Which brings us to now; watching this poor broken soul cry herself to sleep, an action she has become all too familiar with, and we too are left wondering. Why did this happen to Rachel? Why does this happen to any woman? Can it, will it, happen again? How much more can Rachel really take? All of those questions, unfortunately, will be answered for Rachel before they are answered for us. Like all of the hardest times in any of our lives, only time can truly heal the wounds and only time will tell us the answers.


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