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am i in labor?!?!

so my post from yesterday might have been premature. im pretty sure im in labor, the very early stages, but still labor.

since about 1pm this afternoon, i have had on and off menstrual like cramps. nothing unbearable, but very uncomfortable. ?then, around 4, i started having pain in my lower back as well. ive been timing things and the more intense pain comes about every fifteen to twenty minutes. but there's no real pattern or increase in intensity, so im trying not to get my hopes up too early. the only thing that has me super excited is that i have had zero contractions since about week 25 when i overdid it one night and had a few braxton hicks.?

wish me luck and hope things get more intense for me tonight. how awesome would it be to go to the hospital tomorrow and NOT have to be induced!

thanks for all your posts ladies, the replies to my IV/induction thread were very helpful and comforting.

MC is my contact, so i'll be sure to keep her up to date if we do end up having some action before tomorrow night. ?

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