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update! (plus PIPs!)

Hi everyone!  I hate being MIA, but I'm still getting used to this whole mommyhood thing :)

 We've had issues with Abby's eating.  She wasn't taking to her formula so she wasn't eating, she hadn't gained her birth weight back and she was spitting up a lot (like, projectile spitting!)  She even went 18 hours without taking a bottle (she wouldn't drinking a whole evening) so we had to rush her to the pediatricianTurns out that she can't handle regular formula, so we had to switch her to the soy formula.  Apparently it's hereditary, both me and my sister had to be on soy formulat, too.  She's FINALLY eating-- 3 weeks old and taking 4 oz every 3-4 hours.  That beats the 2 1/2 ozs every 3 hours w/spit up :(  I was sooo worried about her... but she's eating and pooping now!  lol 

Thanksgiving was great- Abby was the hit of the party!  I was really making sure that the kids weren't touching her without scrubbing their hands, but it wasn't them I should've been worried about... the adults were constantly trying to take her w/out telling me! 

Friday was DH's first day back at work... and my first 24 hours alone with Abby.  It was crazy, honestly.  I was a wreck this morning.  Abby decided, although she's been doing the day and night thing really well, that since daddy wasn't around, she was going to stay up all night and party.  I'm just glad that DH has tomorrow off, so I can sleep through tonight's midnight feeding and DH can take her!

 I miss you ladies!!





Re: update! (plus PIPs!)

  • I am jealous that Abby knows day and night! Nadia has NO CLUE and really couldn't care less about daytime and nighttime! LOL! There are no patterns or routines for sleep around here. I'm actually getting used to it!

    I was going to call you last week but I wasn't sure if your dh was still around and I didn't want to interrupt your family time. I was on my own for most of this week and let me tell you- I don't have much time for anything! It's amazing- not working and staying home with the baby really is a full time job!

    I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!! We stayed home and had our own Thanksgiving here with just the three of us.

    Nadia is drinking a ton of formula too! She is also up to 4 ounces every 3-4 hours. It's great that you got Abby figured out. I bet it was so scary to have her go so long without eating!!! We've had a few projectile spit ups here too! Lot's of fun!

    Abby's pictures are ADORABLE! Keep sharing! 


  • that must have been really scary with her not eating! I am gl;ad they figured it out and hopefully she'll gain the weight soon! my DH started travelling again when Zoe was 3 weeks old and I as also a wreck the first few weeks without him, but eventually we settled into a nice routine and now it's not so bad when he's away! You'll be surprised how quickly you get used to it and doing everything yourself, that when he's around it'll just be a bonus, if you can get him on some steady chores ;-) I like to assign DH bottle washing and things like that which annoy me when he's away!
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  • Oh honey- I'm so sorry about Abby. I'm glad she is doing better and back to eating. It's good too that she knows day to nights! You both look fabulous! Thanks for the update and don't worry we totally understand your MIA status! ;)
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