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We went somewhere!

Last night we went to dinner at my sister's new house. It was just the three of us and my sister and her husband. Nadia slept the ENTIRE time. I don't think she knows she left the house. LOL!

I'm not ready to brave any public places, but it did feel good to get out. Now I know I can manage to visit at peoples homes...

Little by little I will get out there for real!


Re: We went somewhere!

  • Doesnt it feel good to get out??!?! I remember staying in for about 2 weeks with Alex, but I'm pretty sure that I will be venturing out sooner with Max. I cant stand to be couped up for too long. When do we get to see more pictures of Nadia : )
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  • You're so funny! That's awesome that you got to get out, it must've felt good! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that Nadia looks beautiful!!!
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  • Awww...your little is so cute. And good for you for getting out. It feels good.
  • Hey mama, Nadia is beautiful!!! how are you doing? healing? glad to hear you got out of the house. I'm a total homebody so that wasn't an issue for me. plus with Angelina I moved in with my parents for the 1st 6 weeks during the week since Angel was starting med school and needed to sleep then back home from friday night to sunday night so at least I had a change in place every couple days. with Julian I think all four of us will be staying with my parents for the extra adult help and so that my parents can entertain Angelina. we'll see how that goes lol anyway Congrats on getting out!! how are the girls doing with Nadia?


  • I love your new siggy pics!

    Little by little it will get easier to get out with the baby.  Good luck!!

  • You go girl! I bet it felt amazing seeing the world outside your house! :)
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