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Too bad I can't start IV's professionally

Seriously, there has to be a market for it =) I'm pretty damn good you know.

One of my favorite tools is the Venoscope, which allows you to see under the surface of the skin to get access to veins you normally can't feel (especially when wearing gloves). Some might call it cheating, but I'll use any tool that causes patients less pain!

Anyway, it would never happen because of hospital policies etc, but it would be a super cool side job. "On Call IV Start Nurse". Discount for repeat customers because of course, I'd already know where all your good veins are =). Just like I do on some of our regulars!

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Re: Too bad I can't start IV's professionally

  • So funny, IVs on the black market :)

    I've never had a problem getting an IV, I barely feel it.  I don't know if I have good veins or just been lucky with my nurses.

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  • hahah that'd be cool. You could get privileges at other hospitals and then when one of us nesties has to go in for something we can call you to come along with us!
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  • this position should definitely exist.  ken HATES needles and when he was in the hospital, the nurse trying to put in his IV ended up poking him over and over (i think we counted NINE times) and would even dig the tip of the needle around inside of his skin. he was freaking out - i was seriously afraid he was going to punch her. and then she said "i wish i had my glasses."  WTF?!?

     then another nurse came in and tried 3 times.

    then they called up someone from the lab who got it in the 2nd time. he's a hard stick. and it doesn't help that he's a big baby when it comes to needles! and then the IV ended up getting infiltrated and they had to do it again... this time we knew to ask for person #3 from the lab.

    we would have paid good money for someone who would have gotten it in one or two tries.


  • I wouldn't mind being billed extra for getting a good IV starter!  Seriously. When it's every once in awhile, you can suffer through a bad one, but when I was going every single week for a few months there, it was torture to get the bad starters.  Crying 
  • Seriously, after having a bruise the size of a peach after having someone dig around in my arm once... I'd totally pay extra to get someone like you to do it right!
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  • yeah- I have two black and blue arms that say I'd hire ya.
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