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do you regret buying an expensive diaper bag?

I found one I like, but its really more than I want to spend - but the ones taht are in my preferred price range are either totally plain or just NMS.  Is this a silly thing to spend more on or are you happy you spent more?
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Re: do you regret buying an expensive diaper bag?

  • seriously the best diaper bag I ever got came from Avon, I think it was like $20. It had one big pouch, then two pockets on the outside for bottles.

    I like it because it is small - anything bigger wouldn't fit in the basket of the stroller, and I'm not lugging it around!

    I wouldn't really spend any more than that - I'm cheap.

    But if you go out a lot, or leave the baby with a babysitter, then a big bag is probably handier.

  • We bought a Skiphop diaper bag and I'm glad I didn't spend anymore money on something more expensive.  It's really not worth it IMO.  Ours is a messenger type bag so DH doesn't mind carrying it around either.  I've come to realize that alot of stuff I thought I wanted/needed really isn't necessary at all.

  • Well, you don't really say what your price range is and what styles you're looking at, but I think our Skip Hop was somewhere around $60 (it was a registry gift). The most important thing IMO is that it has enough pockets to keep things organized, it can hang on a stroller nicely (we're city people and do a lot of walking, but I think that's a plus for anyone) and that DH won't feel like an a** carrying it, because the last thing you're going to want to do is transfer contents into a "man bag" or maintain two separate bags if he goes out with the baby. I also went with black so it wouldn't look filthy.

    Everyone's different, but for me, a diaper bag should be practical, sturdy and basic. I'm not the Petunia Picklebottom type, I think it's a complete waste of money and so many high-end bags are flimsy and/or too small. If you're really concerned about style, you could just skip a diaper bag and get a huge purse or shoulder bag instead.

  • I spent about $80 on one.  I like it and I've used it plenty, but I'm much happier just using a regular purse or tote.  Diaper bags fall under the same category as WOMEN WHO DRIVE MINIVANS, which there is nothing wrong with.  Just not my style.
  • i LOVE my ju ju be diaper bag that was around $120. we have 3 bags and i rotate all the time...they are all different sizes/prices and we use them depending on what we need.
  • I would say buy the bag that you like and that you are comfortable in spending the money for.  I love purses and bags and will not hestitate to spend a lot of money on one that I like.  Also, I like to change bags depending on my mood.

    In that being said, I'm glad that I didn't spend the money for my Skip Hop bag.  I receive it as a present.  Even though it is really's not practical for my everyday use.   It's nice if I'm making a short trip to the store but not if I'm going to be at the mall all day.  I would have been really upset if I would have paid my money for it.  I have a nice diaper bag that I bought at Marshalls for $9.99.  It's roomy enough for all of my junk and it looks like a tote bag, so I can use it when I go back to work as well.  Money well spent.



  • I don't have an expensive bag but I deliberated on buying one for months, and now I'm glad I didn't. ?In the last week I've had 2 6oz bottles of BM leak completely out in my bag - 1 in the diaper bag and another I'd stashed in my Cole Haan purse b/c I didn't want to take the diaper bag into a restaurant. ?I am so sad about my poor purse. Crying
  • I did buy a pricey one... but I do not regret it. It is washable leather, and also serves as my purse, and it will be a briefcase down the road, too.

    I am not a frilly sort of person, so typical diaper bags got on my nerves... No one knows this is a diaper bag! I chose this one: 



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  • I got the gigi stork sak and love it. I think its around $200. I do not regret it at all as I use it everyday. I also bought the $20 PBK ultimate tote bag and basically use that as a second bag for trips to the grandparents house. Then I bought a Tory Burch tote bag that I thought I would use as a diaper bag, but I dont find it practical for that purpose at all. I am a big purse person and did not want a bag that screamed "diaper bag". I guess my point is, if you like it and know you will use it, I would definitly spend the money on it.
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  • I had a cheapie that someone gave me filled with baby goodies for a shower.  It fell apart in under 2 months with very light use.  I bought a Fleurville bag even though I said I would never pay more than $20 for a diaper bag.  I got it on mamabargains on the cheap so I could justify it.  I LOVE that bag.  There is a reason why they are more expensive.  More durable, more pockets, stays on my shoulder or the stroller, and just all around more convenient.
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  • I didn't spend a lot on ours ($40), and I love it.  It has tons of pockets, and plenty of space for what we need.  It's black too and DH doesn't mind carrying it because it's messenger style.  I spent a long time looking at prices and pocket layout before I picked one. 
  • I've been hemming and hawing for weeks about a $150 skip hop bag that I really liked in a black & white pattern.  I used to be all about bags/purses and would spend whatever, but I've gotten cheap in the last few years.  I wanted to spend a max of 100 on a diaper bag and was hoping for something closer to 50.

    I just found a cheaper Skip Hop line at Target and ordered a similar bag for $25.  I figure I can use that to start and if I'm still dying for the nicer skip hop, I can buy that in another month or so. 

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  • We got ours at Target and I love it. We use the diaper bag but it seems to be more of a storage bag for a change of clothes and diapers with us. I'm glad we didn't more of an expensive one :)
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  • I love our skip hop... lots of pockets and I LOVE how it hangs on the stroller.  I am an organizational freak though so I like to have everything handy.  It doubles as my purse and I got it in green camo... total boy.  I thought it was kinda expensive for a diaper bag... one of my splurges I guess.
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  • image KathrynMD:

    I've been hemming and hawing for weeks about a $150 skip hop bag that I really liked in a black & white pattern.  I used to be all about bags/purses and would spend whatever, but I've gotten cheap in the last few years.  I wanted to spend a max of 100 on a diaper bag and was hoping for something closer to 50.

    I just found a cheaper Skip Hop line at Target and ordered a similar bag for $25.  I figure I can use that to start and if I'm still dying for the nicer skip hop, I can buy that in another month or so. 

     Is it the City Chic? I have this bag and LOVE it! I justified buying it at the time because I was able to use a Norstrom's gift card I had to pay for over half of it, but today I would buy it again with cash and not feel guilty about it. It is wonderful... great quality, waterproof. lots of bottle and organizational pockets, it hangs on the stroller and the clutch that attaches to the front for my keys, wallet, phone, etc is the best! You get what you pay for.

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  • YES! I spent close over $300 on a Coach one because I was determined to not be that lady with the pooh diaper bag.  I wish I would have researched skiphop or ju ju before I did that.   I now use a $50 North Face Backpack that has lots of compartments that I bought a few months ago and LOVE it!!
  • Yes, I regret wasting my money on something that now I don't really like but use so I can get my money's worth out of it. I spent $300 on a Juicy Couture bag and it is not user friendly at all. Obviously it was not made by a mommy. I should have bought a Skip Hop but they weren't fashionable enough for me at the time. I wasn't being practical and was only buying a bag for it's looks. Please don't do the same thing I did.
  • I bought the Target Skip Hop bag and the PBK ultimate diaper bag

    I really don't like the PBK bag, but I'm sure the 2nd bag will come in handy once DD is at day care.

    I really like the Target one.  It was $30.  I considered spending more on the bags but I am really happy with my $30 purchase. 

  • Yes, it's one of the splurges I bought while pg that I definitely didn't need and should have kept the $30 one my mom got me.
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  • My jujube is the best money spent!  I use it all the time, more than my purse!  No regrets!

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  • I am not into purses and so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a diaper bag either. DH and I both got an Eddie Bauer bag. Mine hardly ever gets used as we're taking DH's car most times when we go out. They're functional, that's all I care about.
  • I received a skiphop dash as a gift, and I love it! color is great (slate with blue), lots of pockets for organization.  Try the in expensive one you got from Target, you can always buy the more expensive one later.   BTW, I am not a purse person as much as I am into being organized.  

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  • I LOVE my expensive diaper bag... luckily, my FIL caught wind that I wanted it and bought it for me; otherwise I probably never would have bought it myself.  I have a Jujube BeAll and it's absolutely perfect for me.  I think it's a reasonable thing to spend money on... in my case, it's my regular bag too and I'm going to be carrying it around for a few years.  IMO, it's worthwhile to get exactly what you want.
  • I am in love with my Skip Hop City Chic bag. I would not have spent the money but I had a $125 gift card for Amazon so I pitched in another $25 for it. I really, really like it!
  • My mom found my Wendy Bellisimo camo messenger bag at a kid's thrift store w/ the tags still on it for $10 (regularly $85!) I absolutely love it and use it constantly. Lucky break :)
  • try finding a bag you love on sale....or look for an actual purse that is really functional if you are going to drop a ton on it.  I have a Wendy Bellisimo bag (sale for $30) which has a ton of room and a Petunia Pickle Bottom tote I got on sale for $50 which is what I carry all the time.  I am not a big Character fan and didn't want anything pink.
  • Nope.  I even bought a 2nd Petunia Pickle Bottom bag a few weeks ago to use as my everyday purse with essential baby items in it.  Of course, I waited till the sale and bought the boxy backpack at more than half off and got the 2nd one on ebay.
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