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So today we went shopping.  We got zero Christmas shopping done.  I did however buy some wicker storage baskets for the baby's room and a beautiful shelf for over the crib.  The baskets were normally $49.99 a set and I got them for 50% off (2 sets).  The shelf was normally $29.99 and I got it 25% off.  I love Michael's!  I keep buying little things for the room.  I really need to start Christmas shopping!

Re: buying for baby...

  • Yay! How exciting!
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  • You sound like me.  I'm so looking forward to buying for our child, I get distracted anytime I look at our Christmas gift.  And when I see commercials or toys...I wonder if our child would like that item once he/she comes home.  The only problem is that I have no idea what gender or age he/she will be, so it's hard to curb my enthusiasm with a few thoughtful purchases!

    Oh well....  I guess I'll just have to pine away for another year or so....  I just hope everyone else's gifts don't suffer as a result!

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  • This is the same thing, that I have been doing - everytime I go into a store and see something that we could use for the baby on sale that is gender neutral - I buy it!
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